Accountability is how we hold our district, schools, educators, students, and community responsible for student learning. We believe that a highly accountable community:

  • Aligns assessments with curriculum, standards, and instructional outcomes
  • Makes decisions in accordance with data
  • Facilitates opportunities for stakeholders to obtain knowledge and skills to support student achievement

Report Card Mission Statement

Cromwell Public School System is committed to supporting all children in reaching their fullest potential in order to be prepared for college and/or career. The purpose of this report card is to fairly; clearly and objectively communicate a student’s progress in achieving the standards set forth by Cromwell Public Schools and the Connecticut Core Standards. With this understanding, parents and teachers become partners in guiding and supporting each child's success within a rigorous academic program.


Alyssa Arcuri

Barb Budaj

Chris Butwill

Michelle Cartier

Diane Della Ratta

Dan Delia,

Lucille Ditunno

Jessica Grzegorek

Holly Hollander

Suzanne Morrow

Deb Stachura

Sarah Turner