Sari O'Leary- Director of Special Services


Wendy Dowling- Secretary


The Special Services Department’s comprehensive programs provide the Students with Special Needs a full range of personnel, program, and placement options including access to the general curriculum. The program options offer each student the opportunity to achieve his/her fullest potential in the least restrictive environment.

The Special Services Department works collaboratively with the staff, administration, and the Board of Education in pursuit of the resources our children need, which are crucial to their growth and success.

The Special Services Department, in partnership with family and community, provides an environment where each child is valued and experiences the challenge and excitement of learning.

We are committed to ensuring that all students experience meaningful educational opportunities that promote their academic and social/emotional development.

Letter from the Director of Special Services

Letter regarding restraint and seclusion 

IEE Guidelines 

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Identifying gifted and talented children in CT 
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Sari O'Leary

Director of Special Services


Wendy Dowling Secretary Email
Alicia Butler School Psychologist PreK-2 Email
Christian Plourd School Pshychologist PK- 5 Email
Melissa Askew-Ferris School Psychologist 3-5 Email
Kacey Jarjura School Psychologist 6-8 Email
Cali Thorngate School Psychologist 9-12 Email
Nancy Jensen Family Liason Email
Deacon Chapin Guidance Counselor N-Z Email
Alicia Mellilo Guidance Counselor G-M Email
Rebecca Stillman Guidance Counselor A-F Email
Krista Nordmark Guidance Counselor 6-8 Email
Johanna Webster Guidance Counselor 6-8 Email
Bethany Horne Occupational Therapist PK-12 Email
Moireen Covey Occupational Therapy Assistant PK-12 Email
Christina Davia Physical Therapist PK-12 Email
Jianine Martin BCBA Email
Julia Jesmond Speech Therapist PK-2 Email
Amy McCracken Speech Therapist PK - 2 Email
Laurie Cross Speech Therapist 6-12 Email
Laraine Sasso Speech Therapist 3-5 Email
Edna C. Stevens School
Kim Nagy-Maruschock Coordinator/Case Manager - Pre-K Email
Sarah Blundo Sp. Ed. Teacher - Pre-K Email
Kellsie Carone Sp. Ed. Teacher - Pre-K Email
Teresita Heavey Sp. Ed. Teacher - Pre-K Email
Maureen Mandeville Sp.Ed. Teacher - Pre-K Email
Kim Nieradko Sp.Ed. Teacher - Gr. K - 1 Email
Michelle Currier- Facilitator Sp. Ed. Teacher - 2 Email
Erin Botelho Sp. Ed. Teacher- Multi Grades Email
Georgann Stokes Sp. Ed. Teacher- Multi Grades Email
Woodside Intermediate School
Isabelle Baranski Sp.Ed. Teacher - Gr. 4 Email
Jane Foley Sp.Ed. Teacher - Multi Grades Email
Larissa Lacz Sp.Ed. Teacher - Gr. 5 Email
Ashley Talmont- Facilitator Sp. Ed. Teacher- Multi Grades Email
Melody Wnuk Sp. Ed. Teacher- Grade 3 Email
Cromwell Middle School
Samantha Sciucco Sp.Ed. Teacher - Gr. 6 Email
Katie Adamaitis Sp.Ed. Teacher - Gr. 7 Email
Kathy Bremer Sp.Ed. Teacher - Gr. 6 - 8 Email
Jessica Grzegorek
Sp. Ed Teacher- Gr. 6 - 8
Lindsay Romano- Facilitator Sp.Ed. Teacher - Gr. 8 Email
Cromwell High School
Christi Dooley-Facilitator Sp.Ed. Teacher - Gr. 9-12 Email
Alisa Leahy Sp.Ed. Teacher - Gr. 9-12 Email
Rebecca O'Connor Sp.Ed. Teacher - Gr. 9-12 Email
Beth Sarnacki Sp.Ed. Teacher - Gr. 9-12 Email
Corrine Humiston Sp.Ed. Teacher - Gr. 9-12 Email
Bridget Bannon Sp.Ed. Teacher - Gr. 9-12 Email