English Language Learners

The mission of the English Language (EL) Program in the Cromwell Public School District is to provide support and instruction in the English language, American culture, and academic and cognitive areas to English Language Learners.

Cromwell provides English language support to over 70 students in our 4 schools. We welcome families and students from all over the world…Pakistan, Bangladesh, Mexico, Peru, Bosnia, Poland, India, China and many more!

Name Title School Phone Email
Felicia Ramsey EL Teacher & K-12 Facilitator ECS 11307

Felicia Ramsey

Paula Buonopane EL Teacher WIS 12157

Paula Buonopane

Louise Gauthier EL Teacher CMS & CHS 14613

Louise Gauthier

Rosanne Murphy EL Tutor ECS & CMS 12157

Rosanne Murphy

Stacy MacEachernEL TutorECS & CHSStacy MacEachern