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Welcome to the iHELP team! We specialize in helping you with your technology! We love technology and are constantly training to enhance our skills. All of this training equips us with knowledge to help you out with your technological issues. We also have resources to refer to for questions we can't directly answer.

iHELP provides training and tutorials on hardware and programs like Google Slides, Docs, Drive, Sheets, Classroom, and more! We can help you with issues for iPads, Macs, PCs, Kindles, Androids, Cell Phones, you name it!!

On the last Thursday of every month, a few select iHelp members go to Covenant Village to assist the residents with technology-related problems.

You can find the iHELP Center at room 602 in CHS.

We are available to help you during PLC time.

Doug McGough
Victoria Gorski
Gabriella Mulet-Ramirez
Mikaela Emilsson
Alex Enxuto
Devon Schneider
Emma Drzewiecki
Julie Nguyen
Caitlin Dwyer
Abigail Darius

Video Tutorials

At iHelp, we create video tutorials so people can learn how to use programs, hardware, and other things that might seem confusing at first. Here is a list of tutorials that we offer:

-Built-in Apps
-Backing up/iCloud
-Interacting with other devices
-PC basics
-Saving files
-Mac Basics
Multi-Platform Apps:
-Intro/What is Google
-Google Docs: Basics
-Google Docs: Intermediate
-Google Slides: Basics
-Google Sheets: Basics
-Google Classroom Basics

Print Tutorials

Here ar iHelp, we offer script based tutorials that answer questions about hardware and software that might be confusing to use at first. Here is a list of tutorials we have to offer:

-Saving files
-Google Settings
-Google Drive: Basics