NAEP, "The Nation's Report Card," Comes to Cromwell High School

On February 12, grade 12 students who have been selected by the Connecticut State Department of Education (CSDE) will be participating in the National Assessment of Educational Progress. This test has come to be known as "The Nation's Report Card." It is used to compare educational performance in state by state comparisons and to measure the performance of U.S. students as compared to the rest of the world. Individual student and district results are not available. Test results are commonly used in research to inform educational policy and practice on a national level.

The test is approximately 90 minutes long and, though it will be given in math and in reading, each student will be tested in just one of those two subjects.

Students who participate in this test will receive the following: 1) 1 1/2 hours of community service 2) a NAEP participation certificate and 3) a ticket to enter a raffle for several prizes

Students and parents of those selected by the CSDE to participate in the test will be notified in writing soon. Below are some links to acquaint you with the test. Links to sample questions will be posted at a later time.

What Every Parent Should Know About NAEP:

Introducing NAEP to Students: